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I am Rick, a passionate PC builder and gaming enthusiast with 5 years of experience. I love building high-end PCs and using the latest components to create the best machines possible. Sharing my knowledge and expertise with others is my favorite pastime. Whether helping friends with their new builds or researching the latest technologies and trends, I'm always eager to lend a hand. I take pride in my skills and knowledge and am always happy to help those looking to embark on their PC-building journeys. If you need advice or support on building your dream machine, don't hesitate to reach out to me.

Best Asus AM5 Motherboard – All You Need To Know

Asus AM5 Motherboard

After thorough benchmarking, The best ASUS AM5 motherboard options are the ROG Strix X670E-E Gaming, ROG Strix B650E-I, and the TUF Gaming X670E-Plus WiFi. These models offer excellent performance, robust power delivery, advanced cooling solutions, and various connectivity options. They also have several gaming-oriented features, including RGB lighting, AI noise-canceling microphone, and enhanced audio codecs. …

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DRAM Refresh Failure – Causes and Fixes


The most common cause of DRAM refresh failure is overheating, which can be prevented by ensuring proper cooling. Other causes include outdated BIOS, faulty RAM modules, or power supply issues. Fixing it involves resetting the BIOS, checking for loose connections, replacing faulty RAM modules, or upgrading the power supply if necessary. The DRAM (Dynamic Random …

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Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut vs. Noctua NT-H1

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut vs. Noctua NT-H1

The major difference between Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut and Noctua NT-H1 thermal pastes is that Kryonaut has excellent thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance, making it a popular choice for high-end systems, while NT-H1 offers good performance at an affordable price point. The best choice will depend on specific needs and budget. There has been an …

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Best Thermal Paste Pattern

Best Thermal Paste Pattern

Based on our tests with various thermal paste application patterns, the pentadot pattern resulted in the best heat reduction and spread. However, the temperature differences between the two methods were negligible, with the highest temperature reaching 76.5 degrees Celsius and the lowest temperature reaching 76 degrees Celsius. Coverage and moderation are the priorities when thinking …

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