Does the Corsair 4000d Motherboard Have Screws

Corsair 4000d Motherboard Screws

Yes, the Corsair 4000D case comes with motherboard screws in the packaging. The screws that are provided are 6-32 screws. These screws are slightly larger than the M3 screws that are sometimes used for motherboard mounting, but they are necessary for a secure fit in the Corsair 4000D case.

The Corsair 4000D is a popular mid-tower case that is known for its good airflow and ease of building. The motherboard screws for the Corsair 4000D are 6-32 screws. These screws are slightly larger than the M3 screws that are sometimes used for motherboard mounting, but they are necessary for a secure fit.

I recently built a new PC using the Corsair 4000D case. I was a little bit apprehensive about using the included motherboard screws because I had heard some reports of colleagues using the wrong size screws and damaging their motherboards.

However, I decided to give the Corsair 4000D motherboard screws a try, and I’m glad I did. The screws were the perfect size and fit snugly into the motherboard standoffs. I was able to install the motherboard without any problems.

I’ve been using my new PC for a few weeks now, and I haven’t had any issues with the motherboard screws. They are still holding the motherboard in place securely.

In this article, I will be discussing which screws to use for the Corsair 4000D motherboard and what size of screws you can use for motherboard mounting. I will also talk about what screws you can use for your motherboard. So, stay close as I unravel the answers to your questions.

Corsair 4000D Compatibility

The Corsair 4000D is a mid-tower case that is popular in the gaming and PC building communities for its good airflow, comfort of building, and affordable price. It is also a relatively compact case, making it a good choice for gamers and builders who are looking for a case that won’t take up too much space on their desk.

The Corsair 4000D case comes with several features that make it a popular choice for gamers and builders, including:

  • A mesh front panel that provides excellent airflow
  • A tempered glass side panel that allows you to show off your components
  • A variety of mounting options for fans and radiators
  • There is ample space for components, including high-end graphics cards and CPU coolers.

Choosing the right screws for the motherboard ensures a secure fit.

Does the Corsair 4000 D Include Motherboard Screws?

The 6-32 screws that come with the Corsair 4000D case are intended to mount the motherboard to the case standoffs. The case standoffs are small metal cylinders that are screwed into the case. They provide a raised platform for the motherboard to sit on, which helps to improve airflow and prevent the motherboard from touching any metal components in the case.

To install the motherboard using the included 6-32 screws, place the motherboard on the case standoffs and align the holes in the motherboard with the holes in the standoffs. Then, use the 6-32 screws to secure the motherboard to the standoffs. Be careful not to overtighten the screws, which can damage the motherboard.

However, you can easily purchase replacements from most computer retailers if you lose or damage any of the motherboard screws that came with your Corsair 4000D case.

Here is a tip I stuck to for installing the motherboard screws: start with the screws slightly loose and then tighten them until the motherboard is snugly in place. This will help prevent you from overtightening the screws and damaging the motherboard.

Which Screws to Use for the Corsair 4000D Motherboard?

As I mentioned in the previous section, the specific type of screws suitable for mounting a motherboard in the Corsair 4000D case are the 6-32 screws. Unique features or requirements of 6-32 screws for mounting a motherboard in the Corsair 4000D case include:

  • The screws must be 6-32 threaded. This means that the screws must have 32 threads per inch.
  • The screws must be the correct length. The screws should be long enough to go through the motherboard standoffs and thread into the motherboard. However, the screws should not be too long, as this could damage the motherboard.
  • The screws must be made of a durable material. The screws should be made of a material that will not rust or corrode.

If you are unsure which screws to use, consult your motherboard manual or contact the manufacturer.

What Size Screws Are Suitable for Motherboard Mounting?

The screw size is important in motherboard mounting because it ensures that the motherboard is securely fastened to the case standoffs. If the screws are too small, the motherboard may not be properly secured and could come loose, which could damage the motherboard or other components in the case. If the screws are too large, they could strip the threads in the motherboard standoffs or damage the motherboard itself.

To mount a motherboard in the Corsair 4000D case, you need 6-32 screws. These screws are slightly larger than the M3 screws that are sometimes used, but they are essential for a tight fit.

6-32 screws have the following dimensions:

  • Diameter: 0.1875 inches (4.763 mm)
  • Threads per inch: 32

Examples and Recommendations

I looked up some PC builders and tech enthusiasts and got some real-life examples of them successfully using the right screws for their Corsair 4000D motherboards:

A Reddit user said, and I quote, “I just built my first PC in a Corsair 4000D case and used the screws that came with the case to mount the motherboard. Everything went smoothly, and the motherboard was securely fastened.”

Then I went to a YouTube channel, Linus Tech Tips, and in their video “Corsair 4000D Airflow Review”, Linus Sebastian and his team used the screws with the case to mount the motherboard. They also mentioned that the screws are the correct size and length for the Corsair 4000D case.

I didn’t end there; I went to a hardware website, PCPartPicker. SoPCPartPicker is a popular website where users can create and share parts lists for their PC builds. When viewing a parts list for a Corsair 4000D build, you will typically see that the builder uses the screws that come with the case to mount the motherboard.

I also have some practical tips that I have put together for you to ensure a hassle-free motherboard installation:

  • Use a magnetized screwdriver. This will help you avoid dropping the screws into the case, which can be frustrating and time-consuming to retrieve.
  • Take your time. Don’t rush the building process. It is better to take your time and do things right than to make a mistake and damage a component.
  • Read the manuals. The manuals for your case, motherboard, and other components will provide valuable information on installing them correctly.
  • Ask for help. If you are unsure about something, don’t hesitate to ask for help from a friend, a fellow builder, or an online community. Many people are willing to help new PC builders get started.
  • Ensure the motherboard is properly seated on the case standoffs before tightening the screws.
  • Once the motherboard is installed, double-check to ensure all the screws are properly tightened.


The Corsair 4000D case is compatible with most standard ATX, micro ATX, and mini ITX motherboards. However, it is important to consult your motherboard manual to ensure that the case has the necessary mounting points for your specific motherboard. The Corsair 4000D case comes with a set of motherboard screws, though. These screws are typically located in a small bag or box inside the case packaging.

By following the tips I have shared with you, with a little confidence and knowledge, you can tackle your own PC build and enjoy the satisfaction of creating a custom machine that meets your specific needs.

Thank you for reading.

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