Basic Memory 64K Address Check Error [Detailed-Guide]

Basic Memory 64K Address Check Error

AMIBIOS is a kind of BIOS that many motherboard manufacturers have started integrating into their systems. Some other manufacturers have even made BIOS similar to AMIBIOS. AMIBIOS is gradually taking over the motherboard market because of its great features.

One peculiar feature is the beep codes that come with it. These beep codes help you to know what can be wrong with your computer. They help you identify issues and fix them too. We’ll be shining the spotlight on one of the issues that the beep codes help us identify. This error is called the Base 64k Memory Error.

So, we will look at what this issue or error means. We will also consider what beep code helps us identify this issue. We will eventually also consider how we can fix this particular issue.

So, let’s get right into it.

What Does the Base 64K Memory Error Mean?

Usually, AMIBIOS beep codes are short and they sound in quick succession. They usually make sounds once you have powered on your computer. Of those beep codes, three short beeps are what help us identify that there is a base 64k memory error. So, when you power on your computer and it gives out three short beeps, it is trying to alert you of a base 64k memory error.

This error means that there has been a base memory error or write test error in the first 64 KB block of memory. This error is usually an issue with the RAM stick. It is most likely a problem that has to do with the RAM stick not seating properly.

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How Can You Resolve This Issue?

Replacing the RAM is the most likely option that many people decide on with this error. Although, the issue could stretch beyond the RAM. You might have to replace the memory controller and maybe your motherboard too.

So, let’s see how to resolve the issue in detail.

1.       The first point of call will be to remove the added memory. If you recently removed or added additional memory to your computer, this could have caused a base 64K memory error. You will most likely start getting the beep codes once you power on your computer.

So, all you have to do is remove the memory you just added to your computer. Then, see if your computer system works out just fine. If it does, it means that the memory that you removed is defective. It might also be that it is not compatible with your motherboard.

2.       You can also try out opening your computer and reseating the memory properly. If you move your computer frequently, then, it can be a major source of this issue. What happens is that as a result of being moved consistently, the memory stick can become loose. This causes an error for your computer in reading the memory stick.

This issue can be fixed by opening up your computer. You can try removing all the memory sticks and checking the ports carefully. Then, reseat the sticks and ensure that they are fitted in place.

3.       Rebooting the computer is also another option you want to try out. So, try rebooting your computer about two to three times. It could be that your computer is having difficulty in reading the memory sticks at first. This is typical of some computers.

If this works fine, then, your computer just had difficulty in processing. However, the issue can stretch to you having to always reboot your computer severally. If you are experiencing this, then your memory stick is not compatible with your computer.

You might just have to replace the memory stick entirely.

4.       If reseating the memory did not get your computer up and running, then, you can try out other memory slots. You can work around swapping the location of the memory. If you work with a single stick of memory, then change the location. Boot your computer now and see what happens.

If you have more than one stick of memory, then remove all the memory sticks. Although, you should leave one memory stick in the slot. You can boot your computer now and see if this resolves the issue. If it does not, remove that stick of memory and try out other sticks.

Try this same process for other sticks of memory. It could help you see if a memory stick is faulty or incompatible. So, you can just replace the faulty memory stick. Your computer should boot up without issues.

5.       For this final step, you will need another computer system. If you have access to a computer that uses a similar memory stick, then, you can try this hack out. What you will do is to take that memory and install it on your computer. You must ensure to take out all the memory sticks of your computer though.

If this other computer’s memory works out, then, your memory stick is faulty. If the memory does not work out, check if it is compatible with your motherboard. if it is compatible, then, the most probable issue is with your motherboard.

It could mean that your motherboard is faulty. The issue could also be with your memory slots. The memory slots may have been affected in some way and picked up a fault. You will need to get a new motherboard to solve this issue.

Sometimes, the issue is most likely with your memory stick. So, all you have to do is replace it. Something worthy of note is that the steps we have highlighted involve removing physical parts from your computer.

While you are doing this, ensure you take the necessary precautions. You have to be aware of electrostatic discharge and the hazards it could pose. This can lead to damage to your computer if you are not very careful. So, these steps require that every necessary caution be taken.

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The base 64k memory error is not uncommon. Several people have experienced this issue. It usually occurs while booting your computer. If you boot your computer and it gives three short beep codes, then, it is indicating this error.

We have carefully shown you how to resolve this error. Your computer should not have any issues if you follow the steps we have highlighted.

So, go get your computer up and running.

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