Corsair TM30 vs. XTM50 Thermal Paste

Corsair TM30 vs. XTM50

The Corsair TM30 and XTM50 thermal pastes are both good for cooling your CPU. But the XTM50 is a higher-end option with better performance, is easier to use, and lasts longer. where the TM30 is a budget option. The decision between the two is based on your needs and budget.

But if you want to make the best decision between these two, you should know a few more details, which I’ll show you in this article.

Like most comparable components, choosing between these two versions is a delicate decision because we are talking about the compound you’ll sandwich between your CPU and heatsink for transferring a lot of heat… undisturbed… probably for years!

I’m an overclocker, and the Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is my favorite (I’ll explain why later). However, for this review, I needed to buy and test new Corsair TM30 and XTM50 thermal pastes.

In this post, I’ll show you my findings, which are worth your investment.

In case you’re in a hurry, let’s jump into a comparison table for the overview.

Corsair TM30 And XTM50 Thermal Paste Specs Compared

Corsair TM30 And XTM50 Thermal Paste Specs Compared
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Corsair TM30 Performance Thermal Paste

Corsair TM30 Performance Thermal Paste

  • A high-performance thermal paste that is designed to provide excellent heat transfer between your CPU and cooler.
  • It is easy to apply.
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Corsair XTM50  Performance Thermal Compound Paste

Corsair XTM50 Performance Thermal Compound Paste

  • Excellent thermal conductivity.
  • Easy to apply
  • Durable
  • Compatible
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First off, Corsair is a reputable brand for producing motherboard hardware. Their two thermal pastes are very popular, as the compounds are made based on ultra-low impedance and come with an applicator.

Here’s an overview of their differences:

Thermal Conductivity3.8 W/mK5.0 W/mK
Thermal Impedance0.01°C -in2/W 0.009°C -in2/W 
Viscosity2300K cPs 2300K cPs
Specific Gravity2.5g/cm32.7g/cm3
Pricefrom $7.99from $14.99
Cooling MethodAirAir
Noise Level2db4.4
Tube Weight3 grams5 grams
CompatibilityIt works best with a desktop CPU or GPU.It works best with a desktop, laptop, or Mac.
Model Number‎CT-9010001-WWCT-9010002-WW
Temperature rise per watt0.029C0.022C
CompoundZinc oxide-base thermal compoundZinc oxide-base thermal compound

Corsair TM30 Thermal Paste Performance Review

Corsair TM30 Performance Thermal Paste



  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to apply

This thermal paste kit features 3 grams of premium zinc oxide-based thermal compound and works decently in improving heat transfer and lowering temperatures on the CPU and GPU.

I particularly like the ultra-low thermal impedance that better lowers CPU temperatures than the typical thermal paste on the market.

The precise point where I noticed a notch higher performance was when the Corsair TM30’s low-viscosity (2300 kps) filled the microscopic abrasions and channels, allowing for peak thermal transfer.

The high-stability liquid hints at its longevity (for years) without drying, cracking, or changing its consistency.

But this version has its tradeoffs. Here:

Corsair TM30 Pros & Cons

Budget-friendlyNot as high-performing as other thermal pastes
easy to applymay require more frequent reapplication.

What Type of Gamer Does the Corsair TM30 Suit Best?

From my experience using the Corsair TM30, I think it is a decent option among the various market products. But I recommend it to budget-conscious gamers looking for a basic thermal paste solution.

If you are looking to overclock your system or push the hardware to the extreme and still experience an efficient cooling solution, there are better choices than this one.

Considering the specs of the Corsair TM30 thermal paste, it is one of the best options for gamers using less demanding games or who are on a tight budget.

So if it comes down to a balance of cost and performance, I’d give it to the Corsair TM30.

Corsair XTM50 Thermal Paste Performance Review

Corsair XTM50 Thermal Paste



  • high-performing with good thermal conductivity
  • easy to apply with a more viscous consistency

The first impression I got from using the Corsair XTM50 Thermal Compound Paste was its breezy installation, which is a green flag for first-time buyers or users.

The Corsair XTM50 won’t interfere with your existing cooling setup since it isn’t conductive or electrically insulating. And the metals in your PC cases are safe since the paste is non-corrosive to metals.

It is thick, so spreading may be more challenging than with the TM30, but the product is safe for your computer and laptop.

The compatibility of this thermal paste kit applies to both AMD and Intel platforms, but more precisely, this is the version you’d want to use for high-end computers because it features an ultra-low thermal impedance compound designed for the latest CPUs.

Corsair XTM50 Pros & Cons

high-performing with good thermal conductivityMore expensive than other thermal pastes
easy to apply with a more viscous consistencymay require more skill to apply due to its thicker consistency.
longer lifespan, reducing the need for frequent reapplication. 
High cooling efficiency

What Type of Gamer Does the Corsair XTM 50 Suit Best?

The Corsair brand is more precise about offering the Corsair XTM50 thermal paste kit to the market. It is a step up from the TM30, providing a high level of cooling performance.

Consider the XTM50 if you are a more serious or competitive gamer. It is better if you have high-end hardware that requires immersive cooling performance.

Corsair TM30 vs. XTM50 Thermal Paste: Which Should You Buy?

Again, it all boils down to your needs and budget. Both pastes offer good thermal conductivity, no doubt. But the XTM50 is considered a higher-end product and provides better overall performance.

I tilt more toward favoring the XTM50 due to its higher viscosity, which makes it easier to apply and provides more consistent coverage. Plus, it is designed to last longer, so you will only need to reapply sometimes.

You won’t make the worst decision on earth if you go for the TM30. It is, in fact, an ideal option if you only want a basic thermal printing solution. It is solid, from a well-known brand, and affordable. At least the extra dollar can buy you some Starbucks.

The better quality makes the XTM50 thermal paste more expensive than the Corsair TM30.

If I continue using thermal paste from the Corsair brand, it would be the XTM50. The color, ease of usage, and fancy reviews all make sense. More importantly, it lives up to expectations.

Parting thoughts

It still beats me that people argue over which thermal paste kit to use between Corsair TM30 and XTM50 when the actual decision is hinged on individual needs and budget.

Since both products are zinc oxide thermal pastes, they will perform better than some stock pastes (you can think of those pre-installed on your cooler).

It is clear that Corsair offers their XTM50 thermal paste to net you slightly better performance than the TM30 but at double the price.

But if your decision between these two is mainly influenced by affordability and you are already thinking of the TM30, I would recommend the Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut first.

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