Does it Matter Which Sata Port You Use – [Guide]

Does it Matter Which Sata Port You Use

Everyone likes advancement and seeks new ways to develop their computer devices and get a better user experience for themselves.

From simple devices such as smartphones, you’ll notice that manufacturers keep doing new updates, components, accessories and features that wouldn’t just take your user experience to another level, it would make you excited and look forward to the new features that are yet to be released by the manufacturers.

The same applies to your computer system. Every day, manufacturers release new updates, features or components which can give you a better user experience.  Most of these components are the hardware that needs to be connected to the keyboard.  One of the ways to connect them is through the SATA port.

Does it Matter Which Sata Port You Use?

This is one question you might have as it is a popular question among most computer users. Before I delve right in, let me briefly explain what SATA ports are and how they work for you to have a better understanding.

SATA ports are generally known as connectors as they connect hard drives to motherboards. They serve as the medium through which external drives are connected to the motherboard. Majorly, there are two SATA ports on the motherboard and they are generally used to carry data or information between the motherboard and the drive using the cable.

Now that you understand the idea of a SATA port and have knowledge that there is more than one SATA port on a motherboard, you might be wondering if it matters which SATA port you use.

The answer is a big Yes. Some SATA ports work faster from some components than other SATA ports. Modern SATA ports are available in three versions which are SATA port1, SATA port 2 and SATA port three.

SATA ports one and two have a running speed of 1.2gig/sec while SATA port three has a running speed of 6gig/sec.  If you are looking for speed, then the type of SATA port you intend to use to connect those external devices plays a very important role.

Now that you understand what SATA ports are, you might be looking for tips on how to add more SATA ports to your system. Keep following as I list the tips below.

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Tips on How to Add More SATA Ports to Your Motherboard?

Different motherboards come with different types and numbers of SATA ports. Some motherboards come with just two ports while others might come with more than two. Different people look for ways to increase the SATA ports on their motherboard and below are tips on how to go about it.

SATA Extension Card

This is the most popular way for people use to add more SATA ports to their motherboard. Most people tend to use the SATA extension card.  It is a device that connects to a sloth on the motherboard and it may feature multiple SATA connectors which you can use to connect your external storage devices.

A modern motherboard allows you to connect various things such as the hard disk drive, optical drives and solid-state drives to your computer. While 4 to 6 SATA ports are usually okay for some people, there might come a time when you might even need to add more SATA ports to your system and this is where the SATA extension cards come in handy.

SATA Hub PORT Multipler

It enables you to turn a single SATA port into a host that multipliers your port. This is why it is called a multiplier. It is very affordable and best if you are looking for something that won’t affect your budget in any way.

However, it has one major downside which is performance. Since it uses only one port as its host, it means the device will get its bandwidth from the host meaning it might be slow in performance.

When it comes to SATA ports, motherboards, storage and computers, there might be some things you might not understand which may necessitate you asking questions. Questions like: “is SATA port an SSD? Is SATA good for gaming?’ might come to your mind.  Below are frequently asked questions you might have

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is SATA Port an SSD?

This is one thing many people like to clarify when it comes to SATA ports. SATA ports are secondary storage devices. They are the lowest grade and use the same interface as a hard drive.  However, it is important to note that a PC that uses a SATA SSD has more than three times the bandwidth or capacity than a PC that uses a hard drive.  You can consider SATA ports as secondary storage devices.

Is SATA good for gaming?

 If you’re a gamer, this is one particular question you might have in mind when you want to purchase a SATA. Normally, SATA SSD offers great reliability with plenty of capacity, storage and bandwidth.  For this current generation of PCs and games, SATA SSD is perfect and fast for any game you might want to use with them. Their speed, bandwidth and storage capacity makes it much better and improve your gaming experience.

How do I connect a SATA CABLE?

This is also another question you might have when it comes to SATA ports and motherboards. Many people tend to be confused when they want to connect a SATA cable. Connecting a SATA cable is pretty easy.  Connect one end of the SATA cable to the drive and the other end on your motherboard. Once this is done, your connection is set and you’re good to go.


No motherboard can come with every possible feature you will need to do everything imaginable with a PC. This is why there are avenues or ports you can use to connect external components to enhance the performance of your PC.

Using the SATA ports is one good way to enhance the storage capacity and lots more on your personal computer.

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