Do Motherboards Have Integrated Graphics? [Guide]

Do Motherboards Have Integrated Graphics

Do Motherboards Have Integrated Graphics?It is true motherboards DO NOT, in today’s modern world, have integrated graphics cards. But the great news is that integrated graphics are built into the CPU (not the motherboard). This means the motherboard may look quite different and come with a variety of ports and connectors but when it comes …

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Does Your Motherboard affect the FPS? [Guide]

Does your Motherboard affects the FPS

Your motherboard does not directly affect your on-screen FPS. Although, some of the components that it is connected to can affect the FPS. Every component of your computer communicates through the motherboard. The motherboard is important for all data-transferring processes in your computer. In using your computer for high-performance functions, you must know that the …

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What Are Motherboard Standoffs? [Guide]

What Are Motherboard Standoffs

What are motherboard standoffs? Motherboard standoffs are computer components designed to keep the motherboard away from the case. They are essentially small cylindrical-shaped metallic objects that screw into specific mounting holes on the PCB. When installing a new motherboard, mounting standoffs properly is important so that there are no shorts between components, as this can …

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Can You Install Multiple GPU On A Motherboard?

Multiple GPU Motherboard

Can You install Two Graphics Cards On Any Motherboard? For years, the quickest path to improved presentation, 3D, and gaming performance has been to add a second graphics card. Today’s desktop motherboards can support two graphics cards. But this isn’t the cheapest or easiest way to improve your PC’s graphical capabilities. Although adding a second …

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Do Motherboards Have Bluetooth and Wifi? [Guide]

Most older-generation motherboard models support Bluetooth and WI-Fi. You must separately purchase a wireless network card. WiFi and Bluetooth are standard on newer, more expensive motherboards because they are considered add-on components that users can add as needed. If you want to add WiFi and Bluetooth to your motherboard, then you will need to purchase …

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