Do Motherboards Have Bluetooth? [Guide]

Do Motherboards Have Bluetooth

Do Motherboards Have Bluetooth on them? The importance of wireless networking is increasing. It is difficult to dispute the functionality Bluetooth has established in numerous applications, from computer networking to telephones.

Yes, generally speaking, the modems on any motherboard produced nowadays include this technology. To answer the question more specifically: no, not all motherboards include Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth allows you to quickly exchange files, install drivers and print documents from digital cameras and other devices. You can also see open networks automatically, so connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots is easier.

Do Motherboards Have Bluetooth

Motherboards with Wi-Fi built-in usually contain Bluetooth. That is because Wi-Fi is often used for connection of smartphones and other mobile devices to the Internet. And quite often, Bluetooth technology is used to link the various devices that are promptly connected to one another.

In regard to the connection of cell phones, laptops, speakers, and other accessories to the computer, no cables are usually required since Bluetooth andWi-Fi permit those devices that are compatible with it to wirelessly connect.

In addition to Wi-Fi, most motherboards that come with Wi-Fi also include built-in Bluetooth technology.

How To Check If A Motherboard Or PC Has Bluetooth?

There are multiple ways to check whether your current PC or motherboard has Bluetooth connectivity. The following methods are the easiest:

1. Check The Motherboard Spec Sheet

This is the easiest way to check if your motherboard has Bluetooth. Check the spec sheet of your PC or motherboard to find out if it comes with Bluetooth.

Also, a motherboard with antennae ports shows it has in-built Wi-Fi and in turn means it would support Bluetooth. The spec sheet will also tell you the Bluetooth version

2. Check Via The Device Manager

On your Windows PC, use Device Manager utility to check if it has Bluetooth. To check for Bluetooth feature, click on Start and search for Device Manager.Click on it and a new window will open where you can look for the Bluetooth icon.

If you can find a Bluetooth icon, then your computer is equipped with vital hardware to connect to Bluetooth devices.

If you cannot find the Bluetooth icon, it may mean two things:

  • The motherboard is not equipped with built-in Bluetooth or
  • There is Bluetooth built-in but necessary drivers are absent. You can resolve this problem bydownloading and installing the necessary driver from the manufacturer’s site.

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How To Add Bluetooth To A Motherboard that Has No Bluetooth

If your motherboard does not have Bluetooth, here are two effortless ways to add Bluetooth to your computer:

1. Use A PCIe Card

If you are looking for a robust built-in Bluetooth, a PCIe card is your best bet. PCIe cards are reliable and faster than USB cards and they have a tendencyof being equipped with the latest version of Bluetooth more readily.

Before you can add Bluetooth via a PCIe card, you need a free PCIe slot on yourcomputer.

Note: there is no standalone Bluetooth PCIe card, you can only find PCIe card with a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

2. Use Bluetooth USB Adapter

If you are looking for a cheap option, USB adapter are cheap and easy to find on the market. They provide you with equal usability as the built-in Bluetooth module.

Unlike the PCIe card, you can find a standalone Bluetooth USB adapter. So, you do not need to buy the one with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1

Buy a Bluetooth adapter and plug it into your PC.

Step 2

After plugging the adapter, a notification will pop up and prompt you to install the driver.

Step 3

Wait for a few minutes for the adapter to automatically install. After installation, it will notify you.

Step 4

Turn the Bluetooth connectivity on and start using Bluetooth on your computer.

What Is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth technology is the connectivity standard most commonly used in wireless headsets, PC, mobile phones, and other devices that use the short-range radio waves unleashed by Bluetooth-enabled gadgets.

Bluetooth radio waves are low-energy radio frequencies used to transmit data between two or more devices that are within a relatively short distance of each other. This technology is similar to RFID (radio- frequency identification), although it uses different frequencies, and the data transmission is more secure.

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Is Built-In Bluetooth On The Motherboard Good?

Do you want to purchase a motherboard? Before purchasing a motherboard, you should check whether it has Bluetooth and WIFI. A motherboard that is equipped with Bluetooth and WIFI can help you to transfer data from your smartphone to your PC wirelessly.

Hence, is a motherboard with built-in Bluetooth and WIFI good? Yes, it is good.

You will find that all the motherboards with built-in Bluetooth are great to use. The latest one is Bluetooth 6, but do not be put off by that fact because it is nothing new.

This is because you are going to get a motherboard whose capabilities are similar to those installed in the motherboard if you get one with built-in Bluetooth 4, 5 or 5.1.

So, whatever your reason for getting a motherboard with Bluetooth built-in connectivity, do not worry about the quality of the Bluetooth as it is outstanding from what you will see and experience when using it in an actual situation.

Bluetooth Equipped Motherboard

Whether you are an experienced gamer or someone first getting into the hobby, you can take your next steps with a variety of quality motherboards that are Bluetooth enabled. With features such as Wi-Fi and Ethernet, these boards give you the ability to play your favorite games anywhere at any time.

Here are the motherboard manufacturers with high-quality motherboards that have built-in Bluetooth and WIFI:

  • Intel
  • Asus
  • Technology in Gigabytes
  • Micro-Star International (Micro-Star) (MSI)

All the companies listed above have the history for manufacturing high-quality products, including Motherboards With Built-In Bluetooth. The quality of their Bluetooth is terrific and outstanding. You can choose a motherboard from any of the manufacturers based upon your demands.


So, if you are wondering “do motherboards have Bluetooth?”, then the answer quite simply depends upon your motherboard features. Your motherboard may have built-in Bluetooth and may not have.

The addition of Bluetooth to a desktop computer can be a great extra level of convenience for people who use their PCs on a daily basis. If you want to add it to your own setup, just shop around for a compatible USB dongle, or buy a PCIe adapter card.

In the end, the answer to the question “do motherboards have Bluetooth” is yes and no…

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