How To Install Motherboard Drivers Without CD? [Guide]

How To Install Motherboard Drivers Without CD

So, you are looking for how to install motherboard driver without CD? Installing the correct driver in your PC is vital for the computer to work efficiently. If you want your computer to perform at its best, you need to have the right and latest driver installed.

Some of us have grown up with computers and we appreciate the recent years spectacular evolution of driver installation. The days of installing motherboard drivers manually and even finding it difficult to get the right one you need to update your motherboard are gone.

Now, anyone can easily install motherboard even without a CD. In this article we will see how and why it is good to always have up to date drivers on your computer and how to install motherboard drivers without CD.

What Is A Motherboard Driver?

If you use computers often, you must have heard about drivers. Some users are not aware of drivers and the amazing functionality it delivers to your device.

 The Motherboard driver is the software program that lets your operating system communicate with external devices in your computer. It works by communicating with other parts of the computer in order to perform the task at hand.

 With the frequent booting up and turning off of your computer, you need the motherboard driver to operate at full capacity. It allows your computer to read and understand external devices. Without it, connecting external devices will be difficult.

When installing new hardware, such as a printer, sound card, or internal hardware, you need to install the associated drivers so that your computer recognizes them. However, if you upgrade to Windows 10 or higher, you do not need to worry about drivers because it pre-installs the drivers for most hardware already.

Why CD Drives Are Almost Obsolete?

Known as optical drives, CD drives are almost obsolete because the high-speed internet has already made it easier to access any kind of drivers and software online without any hassle. You do not need to rely on physical stuff to keep your computer working smoothly.

So, it makes sense for people to want to know how to install motherboard drivers without CD. Thankfully, there are different ways to have the latest drivers installed on your motherboard without any hassle.

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How To Install Motherboard Drivers Without CD?

In case your computer lacksa CD drive, you have hosts of methods to have the latest drivers installed on your motherboard. Here are the methods you can use:

Installing Drivers Via The OS – Internet Connection Needed

To install your driver using this method, you will need to connect to the internet. You can install the driver from withing the OS of your system itself.

1. Via Windows Adapter

If you are a Windows user, this method lets you update your OS. Here is how to get drivers updated via Windows adapter:

  • Click Start
  • Go to your Setting
  • Select Update and Security
  • Go to Windows Update
  • Click Check for Updates

If you have any available driver for the system, you should see them there. Then, install the available drivers. Sometimes, the system installs those drivers for you automatically and only ask you to restart your computer.

Remember, you need to connect to the internet for this to work.

2. Download The Drivers From Your PC Manufacturers Website

Unlike the method above, this is not the easiest way to install your drivers. To get impressive results from this method, visit your PC motherboard manufacturer’s site via a browser.Of course, this requires a connection to the internet.

All motherboard manufacturers such as ASRock, MSI, Biostar, Gigabyte, ASUS, etc. provides drivers online for their motherboards. You can just type the make and model of your motherboard on Google to search.

Check the relevant page and visit the Support section. Look for the driver called Chipset driver as it relates to your motherboard.

You should find the list of drivers for all other sub-component of your motherboard here too. – from SATA to Audio, USB and LAN. But be sure that you are on the right page of your motherboard.

Once you download the file on your computer, you can install the drivers. Install one driver at a time. Restart your computer after installation for the drivers to work efficiently.

Unfortunately, this method will not work without the internet, so it is not a quick fix. In case your computer does not currently have Wi-Fi or Ethernet, you will not be able to connect to the internet and download the drivers.

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How To Install Motherboard Drivers Without CD Or Internet Connection?

No internet, no problem! In case you do not have a CD drive oran internet connection, you can still install your motherboard drivers.

1. From A Secondary PC, Copy The Driver To A USB Flash Drive Or Any External Hard Disk

Try and copy the driver to a flash drive from a computer that can download the drivers and then install the drivers from the flash drive.

2. No USB Ports? Hook Up The Internal Hard Disk To The Second PC

In case you have no CD drive or internet connection or USB ports that are working and want to install drivers, you can try this method.

You need another working computer for this to work!

Step 1

Disconnect your computer from power supply, unscrew it and take out its hard disk.

Step 2

Disconnect the second computer from power supply and unscrew and open it.

Step 3

Plug the hard disk of the first computer into the extra SATA slot on the second computer. Boot the PC and you will find the latest drivers for your disk.

Step 4

Download all the available drivers. Now put all the drivers you download in a separate folder on the newly created partition.

Step 5

Shot down the second computer you have just installed drivers through and unplug from the power supply.

Step 6

Take out the hard disk from the second computer and plug it back into the first computer.

Step 7

Boot the first computer, check for the downloaded drivers and install them one after the other.

After installing the drivers, reboot the computer.


There are many ways to Install Motherboard Drivers Without CD. In short, if you are going to install drivers for your motherboard and you have no option to do it from a CD, do not panic. You can install most hardware drivers from the internet.

And if their manufacturer has made a mistake in their device driver, or some other obstacle gets in your way, we have explained how you can handle that too. You might even be able to uninstall the old drivers and start over with a fresh set without having to ask for help or wasting your time on advanced troubleshooting.

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