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Motherboards with type C are gradually becoming the new type of connectors. They come with built-in pins that are about twenty-four in number. This is more than what their predecessors possessed. These types of motherboards are symmetrical. This means that they can be plugged in any direction.

The USB Type-C is a connector that solves kilometers of cable issues. You should be looking to add this type of motherboard in your next computer build. They will help considerably with information transfer speed. They are gradually gaining ground as the new form of USB connection.

In this article, we will be shedding light on some of the best USB-C motherboards available in 2022. We will also be briefing you on their amazing features.

So, let’s get right in.

Eight of the Best USB C Motherboard Reviews in 2022

We will be going over eight of the best USB-C motherboards you can buy on Amazon in 2022. We will be showing you some of their stand-out features. We will also add a highlighted features section for each motherboard. Then, an FAQ section will be right at the end to clarify some questions you have in mind.

Let’s dive in.

1. MSI MPG X570 Gaming PRO Gaming Wi-Fi

With features that include a 12+2 VRM solution, three M.2 slots, and a front panel USB-C headers, the MPG X570 stands out as one of the best USB-C motherboards. This motherboard comes in well suited for gamers. This high-performance AM4 motherboard that comes with an intense high-speed look will be quite fascinating for any pro-gamer.

The MPG X570 gives you the option of tuning the gaming configurations of your computer. The core boost, dazzling onlookers, Wi-Fi 6, DDR4 boost, mystic RGB lighting, and a slick carbon finish are some of the features that help you play around with the configurations of your gaming PC.

This motherboard also comes with ultra-fast PCIe 4.0 devices that ensure you have fast unidirectional data transfer. You are also sure of high levels of data optimization with the OFDMA and two-way MU-MIMO technologies. This motherboard also has a cool heat system. This helps in sustaining massive data bandwidth. There are a lot of colors you can also play around with.

Highlighted Features

  • Lightning Gen 4 PCIe.
  • Robust cooling and heatsink.
  • High-performance audio features.
  • Supports Wi-Fi 6.
  • Works well with 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen CPUs.

2. MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Carbon Wi-Fi Motherboard

The Z490 are considerably affordable motherboards when you compare them with their counterparts. However, they still come with competitive performance typical of a USB-C type motherboard. They come at pocket-friendly prices. This budget does not play down the massive returns you will be getting from the Z490.

They do not have a lot of peculiar features. However, with the functions they perform, you can expect nothing short of top-notch. They come with a unique carbon look and feel that assures you of a high-performance design. The mystic light RGB also supports as many colors as possible. So, you can switch up your night with these lighting features.

The core boost, DDR4 Boost, lightning USB 20G are some of the features of this motherboard that guarantees you high-level speed. They might not have great overclocking features. Speed, however, is not something lacking with these motherboards.

Highlighted Features

  • Supports dual-channel memory.
  • High-level USB speeds.
  • Pre-installed I/O shielding for convenience.
  • Ultra-fast SSDs.
  • The Twin-Turbo M.2 comes with fast transfer speeds.

3. ASUS ROG Maximus XII Extreme

The ASUS ROG Maximus XII Extreme comes with some high-quality gaming features. It is the definition of excellent gaming components. This motherboard leaves no stone unturned when it has to do with gaming qualities. So, as a gamer, this is one motherboard you should be looking to try out.

This motherboard features many NVMe storage devices to help with storing data on your computer. The bonus of the DIMM.2 slots also allows you to connect two more storage devices next to your computer’s memory. The more recent thunderbolt technology is also one of the amazing features.

This motherboard guaranteed you the processor’s clock speed. Even with these high-speed levels, the thermal output is not shortchanged. This motherboard also has amazing thermal and power optimization efficiency. It can overclock on any processor with relative ease.

Highlighted Features

  • Extreme power solution.
  • Super-fast gaming connectivity.
  • High-quality audio levels.
  • Superb thermal qualities.
  • Unmatched personalization features.

4. Gigabyte Z490 AORUS Master (ATX)

The Z490 AORUS Master is fully equipped to be considered a high-end gaming motherboard. The sheer mass of this motherboard is alone to convince you of excellent game performances. It is packed with some amazing features. It comes highly effective when you have speed levels as a major consideration.

The performance level of this motherboard is not so far apart from those leading the pack. With its amazing features, it comes at a very affordable price. The power connectors of this motherboard are at an unmatched level. It offers incredible power stability. It makes sure that power is distributed to the most energy-sensitive components of the board.

This motherboard allows room for high-level overclocking. The comprehensive solution of the Z490 AORUS master delivers excellent heat dissipation qualities. This motherboard still maintains a cool environment even when it is performing at maximum levels. This is one reason why this motherboard appeals to pro-gamers and overclocking enthusiasts.

Highlighted Features

  • Intel Wi-Fi 6 and Intel 2.5 GbE guarantee uninterrupted gaming experiences.
  • Noise and electrical minimization qualities.
  • Fast memory profiles.
  • High-quality power unit.
  • Excellent heat dissipation features.

5. MSI MAG B460M Mortar Wi-Fi Gaming Motherboard (mATX)

This motherboard makes for a considerably affordable set up yet, it still has some amazing features. It makes for a good gaming computer coupled with Intel’s mid-range processors. It might be affordable but that does not mean that the quality of the motherboard is sacrificed. This motherboard can still guarantee good gaming experiences.

This motherboard comes in smaller than most typical motherboards. This is because it is designed to fit the micro-ATX specifications. This specification is smaller in size than most ATX specifications used in modern computers. This serves as an advantage. This motherboard can fit into large ATX cases. It can also fit if you are considering the option of a small computer. This will help in managing space well.

The MAG B460M offers you the excellent features of a gaming setup with a compact and affordable board. So, if you are looking to load your computer on your desk alongside other peripherals, it should be a top option. This motherboard should also be top on your list if you are looking to save and still have unmatched quality.

Highlighted Features

  • The pre-shielding feature helps with ease in installation.
  • Uninterrupted connection with better stability.
  • Turbo M.2 maximizes the performance efficiency of your SSDs.
  • Heat sink design allows the CPU to drive high-end processors.
  • Supports high data bandwidth.

6. ASRock B460 Steel Legend Motherboard

This motherboard is also quite affordable for Intel’s 10th generation. The appealing price tag and fine features of the B460 steel legend are some of the things that make this motherboard stand out. It is a motherboard that is well suited to its name, steel legend. This name hallmarks its exceptional gaming abilities.

If you are looking to upgrade to a compact Wi-Fi card, then, the steel legend is one motherboard you should go for. The spare M.2 port that it comes along with creates room for you to slot in your Wi-Fi card. However, the price of this motherboard means that some of the connectivity and port features typical of motherboards are not present.

This motherboard also features rock-solid stability just as the name implies. The aesthetics are also not far behind. It has some wonderful aesthetic features. This motherboard has some of the best performance in the B460 category. It shows you that you don’t necessarily have to spend too much to get the best of your computer.

Highlighted Features

  • Strong components that guarantee reliable performance.
  • Exceptional audio features.
  • Boost frequency technology.
  • Extra M.2 slots for Wi-Fi cards.

7. Gigabyte H370N Wi-Fi Motherboard

This motherboard comes with high excellent specifications that help in your build of a gaming computer. It also can double as support for a home theater computer. The H370N supports the 8th and 9th generation Intel processors. It also features fast connectivity levels.

This motherboard comes with a peculiar durable build. The durable build quality is unmatched in the market today. This build also comes reinforced with expansion slots. It is highly compatible with RGB fusion to enable the control of LED lighting on your motherboard. you can also be assured of an effective cooling mechanism with this motherboard. The temperature sensors help in ascertaining the cooling features.

This motherboard also makes room for high-quality graphical experiences. You can connect any preferred GPU of your choice. This allows it to run high-end gaming and graphics-based applications. The real power of the H370N lies in the connectivity features. You should be certain you have stable connections with this motherboard.

Highlighted Features

  • Fast speed connectivity.
  • Immersive audio experiences.
  • Efficient cooling mechanism with temperature sensors.
  • Triple video outputs.

8. ASUS ROG Strix B450-F

This motherboard comes at a fairly affordable price. It still does provide high-end specifications for gaming rigs and content creators. This motherboard allows you to build a computer with state-of-the-art features. It is very compatible with AMD Ryzen processors and Athlon processors. This motherboard is targeted towards gamers with its exceptional features.

The VRM features of this motherboard help to deliver clean and precise power to the processors. The VRM heatsinks help to dissipate the heat generated to prevent overheating and over throttling. One of the heatsinks comes with an illuminated RGB logo to help lighten up your computer. The multiple fan headers of this motherboard also enhance its cooling features.

The lighting that comes with the Aura Sync of this motherboard is a wonder to behold. It comes with effects such as breathing and static. You can work around as many effects as you want to get the desired fit. The motherboard also features SupremeFX technology that helps with amazing audio experiences.

Highlighted Features

  • Reliable power design.
  • Excellent overclocking features.
  • RGB LED lighting with Aura Sync.
  • VRM heatsinks that enhance heat dissipation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What motherboards are the best?

The best motherboards depend on the kind of computer build you are looking out for. Your preference will go a long way to determine what is best for you. So, say you are looking for a motherboard with excellent lighting features, the best motherboard for you won’t be one that has good overclocking quality. So, it is all down to your choice.

Do motherboards have USB-C ports?

Motherboards come with as many ports as possible. The USB-C ports are a recent innovation in the connection terrain. It sees an upgrade in connection levels that is not associated with its predecessors. Motherboard manufacturers have started incorporating the use of USB-C ports. We have highlighted some of the best motherboards with USB-C ports above.


The type-C standard is finding its way into several devices. This is down to its simplicity and performance levels. From phones to computers, the standard is gradually becoming a norm. Motherboard manufacturers have started infusing it into the makeup of their products.

We have carefully selected some of the best motherboards with USB-C ports. We have looked across several specifications and highlighted the very best motherboards in this category. So, take a walk through the features we have highlighted. You will certainly find the right pick there.

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